The XRay 225mm Tilt-Rotor FPV drone is the fastest accelerating, toughest, and easiest to fly professional grade racing drone made. The XRay tilt-rotor's exclusive flight control dynamics provides am astounding flight experience like nothing on the market today.
The Xray delivers extreme fast forward acceleration, quick 180 degree turns, and even backward flight ( yes it can actually fly backwards). This is made possible by AIMDROIX's  patent pending asymmetric thrust vectoring technology. With the XRay, you can fly anywhere, at any speed, while maintaining the camera pointing in its ideal direction. If you're looking for a thrilling, easy to learn and completely unique drone piloting experience, the Xray is for you. 

Despite the advanced technology flying the XRay is as simple as pointing your radio sticks in the direction you want to fly.The drone's innovative control logics take care of the rest. No more extreme camera angles on hovering, while going fast forward or even while flying backwards. The key to the XRay's magic is ‘Asymmetric Thrust Vectoring’. Through extensive testing AIMDROIX have discovered that by tilting the propellers asymmetrically they are able to acheive superior performance and ease-of-use like nothing on the market. Despite its ease-of-use the XRay tilt control configurator provides full control all of flight characteristics, so it can be tuned to your specific preference.

The frame It provides mounting space for an HD camera such as the GoPro Session, Mobius, RunCam 2, and legend 2. The tilting mechanism was designed to be crash proof to give you peace of mind when flying (and crashing).

Frame features

  • Frame side plates are high quality 2mm pure  carbon fiber 
  • 4.5mm thick carbon fiber and shear bolt mechanism arm technology
  • Aluminum tilt control gears
  • Highly durable metal gear servos 
  • Enclosed FPV camera for full crash protection
  • Low CG battery location to provide a more stable flight
  • Lightest tilt-rotor frame in the world (200g)
  • 410g ready to fly weight without battery
  • Servos are recessed into the side plates which removes the stress from the screw tabs, making the housing of the servo the area that supports all the load

Configurator Software

The XRay configurator is used to flash the flight controller with the XRay firmware, and to adjust multiple XRay Tilt -rotor-specific controller parameters. You can still connect your XRay to the standard Cleanflight configurator found in the Google Chrome web store in order to adjust general cleanflight parameters.

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