SUPERNOVA 2205/2300KV Brushless Motor (CW)

Blackstar Drones

"I am in love with these motors. Their performance is unrivaled, and  even after pushing them to their limit they come down cool. Nothing else even comes close. These are the best looking and performing motors I have ever used." - Zoomas

Introducing the SUPERNOVA 2205/2300KV, a uniquely designed and patented brushless motor considered by several of the world's highest ranked pilots as the new bar in brushless motor technology.

SUPERNOVA MOTORS feature the highest grade arc magnets available (N52H), a proprietary cooling system system, genuine Nippon silicon steel stators, indestructible M5 hollow shafts, Japanese NSK bearings, and AI 7075 aluminum alloy casings.


  • Rotor: 2mm N52H NdFeB (Neodymium) Arc Magnets - The "H" in N52H indicates is the highest grade made, with a highly stable magnetic field at temps as high as 100°C and a high coercive force: 11 KOe,(BH)max 53 -55MGOe)

  • Air Gap: <0.2mm

  • Enameled wire: 180°

  • Wire AWG: 20AWG

  • Wiring technique: single-stranded

  • Stator: 0.15mm Nippon Steel silicon steel

  • Shaft: M5 Hollow

  • Bearings: Japanese NSK

  • Top and Bottom Case: Al 7075 aluminum alloy - Composed of ~6% zinc, ~2.5% magnesium and ~1.5% copper, AI 7075 provides superior performance and durability due to its strength, weight and high resistance to corrosion (it is used in the M16 rifle due to these characteristics). The vented design of the bottom case provide provides additional cooling

  • Middle Case: Alloy 20 (UNS N08020)

    • Austenitic, nickel-iron-chromium based super alloy with additions of Copper and Molybdenum which provide resistance to harsh environments, pitting, and crevice corrosion.

    • Stabilized with Columbium to minimize carbide precipitation during manufacturing.

    • Excellent mechanical properties at both ambient and elevated temperatures, up to approximately 930°F (500°C).

    • Alloy 20 falls between both the stainless and nickel categories as it contains characteristics of both

    • Designed for maximum resistance to corrosion.

  • Weight: 30.5g