SP Racing F3 Mini Flight Controller

Seriously Pro

Next-Generation Hardware For Your Multi-Rotor

The Seriously Pro Racing F3 Mini Flight Controller (SPRacingF3Mini) was designed to give awesome flight performance in a tiny race-ready package. It has the latest sensors, race timing and logging technology in a flexible form factor and also features a built-in voltage regulator (BEC).

Flexible Board Design - Robust and Easy Wiring

Keep all the boards tabs or remove as many as you need. All major inputs and outputs are available via robust though-hole angled or straight pin headers.
Bottom mounted and recessed JST-SH connectors that survive crashes.
Integrated 5V BEC Voltage Regulator - Power your Receiver, small servos and LEDs with no additional external 5V regulator required.
Barometer mounted on the bottom of the board for easy wind isolation.

Designed for Racing

Featuring a race timing transponder system the SPRacingF3Mini is truly designed for racers.

Analyze your race and flight telemetry/blackbox logs using the built-in MicroSD card socket.

More details at Seriously Pro

Type: Electronics