SP Racing F3 EVO Flight Controller

Seriously Pro

Affordable Race-Ready Next-Generation Hardware

The Seriously Pro Racing F3 EVO Flight Controller (SPRacingF3EVO) was designed to give awesome flight performance in a stackable race-ready package. It has the latest sensors, race timing & logging technology backed by excellent connectivity options at a wallet-friendly price.

Microsd Card For Logging & Stackable Design

The SPRacingF3EVO has a MicroSD card socket for blackbox logging which makes analyzing tuning and diagnostics quicker and easier.

The latest MPU 9250 accelerometer/gyroscope and magnetometer sensors are connected via SPI for the fastest possible update rates.

Integrated BMP280 pressure sensor for altitude sensing.
Stackable design - designed to stack with compatible OSD/PDB boards.

Designed For Racing

Featuring a race timing transponder system as used at the World Drone Prix and the Drone Nationals. No extra weight on race-day so you can go as fast as possible.

More details at Seriously Pro

Set-up Tutorial at Oscar Liang

Type: Electronics