QNYC F390 20A Racing ESC

Blackstar Drones

Our latest ESC for professional quad racing, the F390 20A Racing ESC features Silicon Labs latest MCU, the F390, a highly precise temperature sensing microcontroller. We've used a best-in-class MOSFET with a three in one IC driving ultra-fast throttle response times. Imported nonpolar ceramic capacitors allow for a small and lightweight device (only 10.3 grams w/ wires) that fits almost anywhere. The ESC features the latest version of BLHeli (14.x) and can be configured to use Oneshot 125 or Multishot, if you're running a Raceflight compatible flight controller.


  • Type: QNYC-F390
  • Continue Current: 20A 
  • Burst current : 30A 
  • Voltage: 6.4V-16.8V 
  • Size: 29*12*5mm 
  • BEC: No 
  • Weight: 10.3g (with cables) 
  • Input wire: 18AWG 100mm 
  • Output wire: 18AWG 100mm
  • Signal wire: 24 AWG 150mm

Type: Electronics