Omnivision 5.8GHz 3 & 4 Lobe SMA Skew Planar Wheel Antennas


Omnivision Antennas are hand built with performance and durability in mind using military grade cables with precision formed elements and nylon reinforced solder Joints.

Rather You are racing your FPV Quad through air gates or piloting your 4k camera in search of the perfect aerial shots, Omnivision Antennas will give you the clearest and most reliable signals possible.

The Omnivision 4 lobe antenna works great both transmitting and receiving video signals. The 4 lobe design presents a very low gain and both uniform radiation and radiation rejection patterns making it the preferred antenna on the video receiving end for most UAV/Drone Pilots around the world.

The Omnivision 3 Lobe Antenna works best transmitting video signals. Many FPV Pilots have been using a combination of the 3 lobe antenna on the transmitter and a 4 lobe antenna on the receiver with great success for years.

Type: VTX Antennas