Naze32 Rev5 10DOF Flight Controller


The Naze32 flight controller is extremely simple to setup, configured with either Cleanflight or Betaflight.

  • Battery voltage monitoring
  • Built-in FrSky telemetry converter
  • Modern 32-bit processor (STM32 F103) running at 3.3V/72MHz.
  • Onboard USB for setup and configuration
  • Extra bright LEDs
  • Modern GUI for all operating systems, Baseflight Configurator


  • Size: 36*36mm
  • Weight: 5.3 grams (no headers, 7.3 grams with)
  • 2000 degrees/second 3-axis MEMS gyro + accelerometer (MPU6050)
  • 3-axis magnetometer (HMC5883L) 
  • Pressure sensor (MS5611)
  • Flexible motor outputs, support various airframe types 
  • Quad/Hexa/Tri/Bi/Y4/Y6/Octo/Camera Gimbal. (Default is Quad-X)
  • Up to 8 ch RC input supports standard receivers (PWM), PPM Sum receiver (FrSky, etc), or Spektrum Satellite receiver.
  • 16Mbit onboard SPI flash
  • Onboard MicroUSB for setup and configuration



1 x Naze32 Rev5 10DOF Flight Controller
3 x Pin Headers
1 x Breakout Cables 




Type: Electronics