Matek RGB LED WS2812B w/ MCU


It comes as a single stick with 8 individually addressable RGB LEDs & STM MCU assembled. It provides dual control modes, can be used for decorating the FPV Quad-rotors.


  • Built-in Bpcs RGB LED WS2812B & 1pc MCU
  • Dual modes:M CU control & Cleanflightc ontrol
  • MCU mode: 7 colors (White, Green, Red, Blue, Yellow, Cyan, Magenta)
    • 4 status (Constant light, Slow flash , Fast flash , Voilent flash)
  • CF mode: support CC3D, Naze32, SPRacingF3 , etc. with CleanFlight firmware
  • Working voltage range: 4.5- 5.2V DC
  • Power of MCU mode (5V IN): White: 1.8W /0.36A
    • Green/Red/Blue: 0.6W/0.12A
    • Yellow/Cyan/Magenta: 1.2W/0.24A
  • Mounting: 30mm, ct>2.6mm
  • Size & Weight: 65x10mm , 3g

How to Use

    1. Connect the LED strip to 5V power source (Pin 5V & GND).
    2. Press the button, scroll through the color within White, Green, Red, Blue, Yellow, Cyan, Magenta.
    3. Hold the button 2s to enter the setting of LED mode, then press the button to set it within
      1. MCU mode (the 1st LED Constant light, Slow flash, Fast flash , Voilent flash)
      2. CF mode (the 1st LED OFF)
    4. The mode will be saved if no action within 10 seconds.
    5. If MCU mode is selected & saved, the color can be altered by pressing the button.
    6. If CF mode is selected & saved, Pis connect the DIN to the Flight Controller.
      1. CC3D: Pin Motor-5
      2. Naze32: RC5 pad
      3. SPRacing F3: LED_STRIP pad
        * Pis set the LED status in GUI according to CleanFlight guide.
    7. If the LED status is garbled when setting CF mode to MCU mode, pis move the DIN & re-energize it.


Type: Electronics