EMAX Lightning_S 35A ESC (BLHeli_S)


BL Heli_S capable ESC's are here! These Emax have been fully tested and are compatible with Bl Heli Suite for the best performance for a quad!

Please note that the ESC wires do not come soldered to the board! These are designed for race quads and to reduce weight and soldering, you should solder the motor wires directly to the board.


  • Input voltage: 2-6s Lipo (7.4v-25v)
  • BEC: NO
  • Size (mm): 32.6*8.0*6.5
  • Type: BLHeli Bootloader & Firmware
  • Weight: 14g = with heatsink and with all wires


  • BLHeli_S ESC with Hardware generated PWM synchronous to MCU yields ultra-quiet motor performance.
  • Utilizes high-performance EFM8BB2 50MHz MCU
  • Lightweight: 4.2g = without heatsink & without wires / 5.6g = with heatsink & without wires / 14g = with heatsink and with all wires.
  • Only supports Damped Light (Active Braking is the only option for BLHeli_S)
  • FW upgradable via signal wire (BLHeli_S HEX needed)
  • Anti-counterfeit code of authenticity
  • Dynamic voltage range - Supports 2S up to 6S Input Voltage (7.4v-25v)
  • Supports Motors with super high KV (EFM8BusyBee 50MHz can handle up to 500k eRPM)
  • Supports 1-2ms signal, Oneshot125, Oneshot42, and Multishot.
  • High-current burst rating
  • High-Resolution Throttle steps (512 to 2048 steps depending on hardware configuration)
  • Hardware PWM refresh rate up to 36khz with BLHeli_S (Regular BLHeli with Software PWM runs at 16khz). (Faster rate allows more input signal in same given amount of time resulting in smoother and more responsive throttle.)

Type: Electronics