BrainFPV Flight Control System (Flight Controller & PDB)


REI now also supports Betaflight. Check out the BrainFPV blog for details.

All in one F4 flight controller, OSD, PBD/BEC and multi protocol race transponder.

RE1 Flight Controller

A high performance and easy to use flight control system, BrainFPV RE1 (Racing Edition 1), is a flight controller that has a fully integrated graphical On-Screen-Display (OSD). Unlike any other flight controller, RE1's innovative design combines an OSD, a faster processor and the highest performance sensors all in one small package.

Integrated OSD

This is not your old character-based OSD, it has advanced features, such as 3D support when used with a 3D camera (e.g. NerdCam3D Mk.2).

BrainFPV RE1 has an integrated full-graphic On-Screen Display (OSD). Having the OSD in the flight controller also saves you from the hassle of using a separate OSD, so you can keep your build clean and simple. Our OSD is fully configurable using the dRonin configuration software and also includes a menu to easily change settings in the field. 

Superior Quality

Assembled in the USA, BrainFPV use only the highest quality components and a 6 layer circuit board for optimal signal integrity.

Efficient & Powerful

The latest and fastest STM32 F4 processor, running at 180MHz, enables RE1 to run advanced flight control code with ease.

Fast & Precise

The latest accelerometers and gyroscopes from Bosch Sensortec running at 1.6kHz give RE1 unparalleled flight performance.

Lap Timing

Built for racing, the RE1 features an integrated a multi-protocol (I-Lap, Trackmate) infrared (IR) transponder for lap timing. The transponder ID and protocol can quickly be changed in the field using the OSD menu.

More Lights

Dedicated hardware controls over 1000 programmable RGB LEDs. Use the OSD menu to easily change the LED color when racing.

Open & Extensible

RE1 runs the dRonin flight stack, which does everything, including rendering the OSD. dRonin includes an advanced autotune feature that allow you to easily tune your PID gains for super stable flight. We guarantee you will become a better pilot when you spend more time flying and less time tuning your drone. Being open source, dRonin gives you the complete freedom to do whatever you want.

REI now also supports Betaflight. Check out the BrainFPV blog for details.


The RE1 can be directly plugged into Mini Power Board (mPB). This power distribution board enables a simple, clean build requiring no wiring between the two. mPB provides clean power for a noise-free FPV experience and includes highly accurate current/voltage sensing so you always know how much battery power you have left.

Clean Power

Switching power supplies and LC filters to provide clean power for all your gear.

Clean Build

RE1 can be stacked on top of mPB without wiring, so you can keep your build clean. Easy peasy.

Battery Monitor

Accurate voltage and current measurement enable you to keep tabs on your battery usage.

Technical Specifications

Power Outputs: 5V (1.25A), 12V (150mA), filtered output (750mA).
Power Input: 6.5V - 20V (2S - 4S LiPo battery).
Voltage Measurement: 151mV/V output.
Current Measurement: 25mV/A output.
Copper thickness: 4 oz (140 МЗ_m).

Maximum total Current to ESCs: 70A constant, 120A burst (10 seconds).


Type: Electronics