Blackstar Cicada 30A BLHeli_S ESC (BusyBee2 chip)

Blackstar Drones

High quality and small form factor 30A electronic speed controllers with support for new BLHeli_s firmware. BLHeli_S is designed for superior performance in multirotors, and uses hardware generated motor PWM for smooth throttle response and silent operation.

The controllers feature the new Silabs EFM8BB10 MCU running at 25Mhz and mounted on a solid 1.2mm PCB. Vishay

SiS476DN FETs, rated for up to 30V and a max current of 80A are mounted on the underside of the board.

The ESCs come pre-configured with "damped light mode" which results in highly responsive regenerative braking. Software features have been added to prevent sync loss and there are several tunable parameters you suite your flying style and, although the default settings work well for most pilots.

The ESCs support regular 1-2ms pulse width input, as well as Oneshot125 (125-250us), Oneshot42 (41.7-83.3us) and Multshot (5- 25us). The input signal is automatically detected by the ESC upon power up.

Motor and power wires are 18AWG but can easily be removed if you choose to solder your motor wires directly to the board.


  • Silabs EFM8BB10 MCU
  • Size: 35*19mm
  • Weight: 15.8g
  • Constant Current: 30A
  • Max Current: 35A
  • BEC: NO
  • Input: 2s to 6s Lipo

Type: Electronics